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Default Just installed Win 7 Ultimate

Fresh install on a new hd and everything has been a piece of cake. Until I try to run steam games. I have a ton of games and they all worked in Vista. The only game I can run now is DOW II which I haven't touched in a long time. I get errors when trying to launch HL2 of any sort (TF2, Portal, Ep1-2). And I just re-downloaded killing floor and that again will not launch. It's like the system doesn't want the game to launch. Just hangs there, I've gone through steam support and done all the things they listed to no avail.

I've even disabled UAC, had to do that in vista as well, but at least games worked. Still don't understand, did Run as Admin, all that jazz. Man I thought Win 7 was this super os, but I can't run standard crap?
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