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Default Re: VDPAU testing tool

Originally Posted by Enigma2175 View Post
This card will decode using VDPAU, but it is basically unusable because it gets constant pre-emption errors (at least within MythTV).
Could you confirm that you get pre-emptions even when playing recorded media (from harddisk)? I can only get the pre-emptions for a specific motherboard, and only if I use specific hardware (DVB card) at the same time.
(And please test MPlayer, if possible.)
Is underclocking the card likely to change the amount of errors I get or is it more likely that this is a problem with poor design that will not get better with new drivers or software?
AFAIR, underclocking (and using different slots and different AGP-options) made no difference.
I would still be careful with "poor design" - after all, my card works without problems (while receiving HDTV from DVB) on my Pentium 3 500. What motherboard do you use?
Are the low scores for the get bits/put bits tests (I assume the low bandwidth of the PCI bus is causing this) likely to cause problems or should that be "fast enough"?
That is fast enough for 1080i25 decoding with VDPAU.

Carl Eugen
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