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Default Re: Asus doing a screw job for a RMA

Hey XMAN52373, I finally got over here and see that you already posted for me. Thanks alot.

Yeah, I'm the guy he's talking about. I have had a couple RMAs with Asus over the years with no real problems. 1 motherboard, that the only issue was they wouldn't cross ship it, and 1 DVD drive. Both nice and fast. I'm assuming that the RMA departments are separate with different product categories. I still like their motherboards, but think I might try a different brand next time.
Truthfully, the only reason I have an Asus video card is because it was a Christmas gift from my girlfriend. (yes, she is awesome) I have owned 2 other Asus video cards, both 6800 GTs, and they both died in less than a year (combined). But Newegg did the RMAing and ended up giving me a refund so I bought an X800.
Although I have heard some bad things about BFG's RMA department, I had 2 8800GTXs and had to replace 1 and they were awesome to deal with. If I ever own an Nvidia card again, there is a better than good chance that it will be a BFG card. (See what good customer service can do Asus?)

Thanks everyone, and good luck to you if you own an Asus video card...
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