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Default Re: Asus doing a screw job for a RMA

Originally Posted by Inglburt View Post
Hey XMAN52373, I finally got over here and see that you already posted for me. Thanks alot.

Yeah, I'm the guy he's talking about. I have had a couple RMAs with Asus over the years with no real problems. 1 motherboard, that the only issue was they wouldn't cross ship it, and 1 DVD drive. Both nice and fast. I'm assuming that the RMA departments are separate with different product categories. I still like their motherboards, but think I might try a different brand next time.
Truthfully, the only reason I have an Asus video card is because it was a Christmas gift from my girlfriend. (yes, she is awesome) I have owned 2 other Asus video cards, both 6800 GTs, and they both died in less than a year (combined). But Newegg did the RMAing and ended up giving me a refund so I bought an X800.
Although I have heard some bad things about BFG's RMA department, I had 2 8800GTXs and had to replace 1 and they were awesome to deal with. If I ever own an Nvidia card again, there is a better than good chance that it will be a BFG card. (See what good customer service can do Asus?)

Thanks everyone, and good luck to you if you own an Asus video card...
Wow...sorry about your bad experience with Asus, I will stay away from them next time myself. I think that I'm going to start going with EVGA, because I've heard their CS department is the best.
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