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Default Re: VDPAU testing tool

Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
Could you confirm that you get pre-emptions even when playing recorded media (from harddisk)? I can only get the pre-emptions for a specific motherboard, and only if I use specific hardware (DVB card) at the same time.
(And please test MPlayer, if possible.)

AFAIR, underclocking (and using different slots and different AGP-options) made no difference.
I would still be careful with "poor design" - after all, my card works without problems (while receiving HDTV from DVB) on my Pentium 3 500. What motherboard do you use?

That is fast enough for 1080i25 decoding with VDPAU.

Carl Eugen
This particular motherboard is a MSI KT3 Ultra 2, I have also tried this card with a MSI Hetis 915 (Intel 82915G chipset) and a Asus Pundit PH1. All 3 systems gave me similar results. This system has one other PCI card, a 3com network card.

For this test, I played a ATSC recorded file with mplayer and MythTV. I have attached logs for both programs with preemption errors. Both programs will take longer to error if I have deinterlacing disabled. I was unable to get any of the hardware deinterlacers to work proplerly with mplayer, using anything but one-field resulted in AV sync loss, getting progressively worse. The attached log for mplayer is with temporal deinterlacing enabled.

Mplayer recovers a lot more gracefully than Myth at the "VDPAU nvidia: Error detected 0 5916" errors, but the "0 481" errors kill the display and require a machine restart to re-enable the card. Different drivers sometimes have slightly different behavior when encountering an error but the 180*, 190* and 195* drivers all had issues.


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