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Default Re: VDPAU testing tool

Originally Posted by Enigma2175 View Post
This particular motherboard is a MSI KT3 Ultra 2
which is a KT333 mainboard, exactly as the ones that fail for me.
I have also tried this card with a MSI Hetis 915 (Intel 82915G chipset) and a Asus Pundit PH1.
These aren't. I don't think your problem was reported before.
For this test, I played a ATSC recorded file with mplayer and MythTV. I have attached logs for both programs with preemption errors. Both programs will take longer to error if I have deinterlacing disabled. I was unable to get any of the hardware deinterlacers to work proplerly with mplayer, using anything but one-field resulted in AV sync loss, getting progressively worse.
This is unrelated, but surprises me. What is the refresh rate of your screen?
Since you successfully hide your MPlayer version number, could you try latest svn? I have recently committed changes that improved de-interlacing performance around 10% for me.
Mplayer recovers a lot more gracefully than Myth at the "VDPAU nvidia: Error detected 0 5916" errors
Is it always this error (or the following) and how does dmesg look like? I ask because I get random numbers with pre-emptions.
but the "0 481" errors kill the display and require a machine restart to re-enable the card. Different drivers sometimes have slightly different behavior when encountering an error but the 180*, 190* and 195* drivers all had issues.
@Stephen: Does the following line (from the logs) indicate a problem with how MPlayer tries to recover from display pre-emption?
VDPAU trace: Multiple devices created; will return get_proc_address results from the latest only
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