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JBC -- thanks for your helpful reply.
You make a convincing case for the fact that the bug that occurs at 75Hz is irrelevant since 60Hz refresh is just as good when it comes to an LCD.

At the same time, your simple reply only heightens my complaint against nVidia lack of responsiveness. If that is truly the answer, you would think that the tech at nVidia would be aware of it and reply to either the original thread or to the original bug report with that resolution. Why I needed to wait 10 months to get such a basic answer is absurd.

Regarding your question:
"Have you ever had someone nag you until you ended up turning a deaf ear to them?"

You should be aware of the facts here. My bug reports to nVidia were spaced 3-4 months apart. Similarly, my emails to Andy and my posts to the original thread to awaken interest were posted 1-2 months apart. Since my inquiries were only to request some acknowledgement of where things stand on responding to this problem, I would call my willingness to wait months between posts more a virtue of patience than a fault of nagging.
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