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Default Re: 195.30: same EDID interpreted differently on VGA and DVI connectors! Must be a bu

(--) Jan 10 12:16:27 NVIDIA(0): NEC LCD1560NX (DFP-0): 165.0 MHz maximum pixel clock
165MHz is max pixel clock for single DVI according to specs and my monitor Edid.

If monitor has VGA and DVI output it had different EDID for those connectors. This is normal because VGA and DVI-D are different interfaces. For example my NEC 1560NX panel has DVI and VGA output. The EDID information is different for these connectors because VGA is analog and my DVI-D cable is digital only. I think edid code is common for VGA and DVI in nvidia driver because these is no difference in edid specs between connector types.
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