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Default Homegroups are AMAZING!

Ok, so I have installed Windows 7 on all of my home PCs, 3 of them. I decided to fiddle around with it, and I finally got my 2nd router to work as an access point, so all of my computers are connected to the 192.168.1.X ip. Then I managed to get the laptop to connect the the second router which turned out to be a bit hard.

So anyways, I decided to set up a workgroup so I could share files and folders like I did in school the day before. Plus I had just seen a comercial about this guy that had Windows 7 on all of his PC, and he could print and I thought cool, but it was wireless so meh. And I did that, and Windows 7 tells me Set up a homegroup. And finally I did. Then I read that you can use printers from other PCs and print straight to them, and I thought to myself, it probably means wireless :/ (I have a wired printer hooked up to my PC, and whenever someone wants to print something, they tell me to do it, because hitting print on the page is too hard.) So anyways, I go on with it, and I send the homegroup password to the other PCs, and and all are set up, and I can see the documents folder, and music and pictures and everything. And it was pretty sweet.

Then I checked the other PCs, and at the bottom right it says printer found, want to install drivers from OG-PC, (mine) and I said ehh, why not. Once that is done, I looked at the printer and Devices page, and it said Printer ... on OG-PC. And it has a check on it. I thought my not test it, like anything bad is going to happen. So I create a document on notepad, and wrote something. And hit print and select that printer and 2 seconds later I hear a noise in my room. The thing printed This will save me so much time in everything, and save family members from saving the document, emailing it to themselves, going to my PC, and downloading then printing.

Windows 7 is ****ing AMAZING!
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