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Originally Posted by james321 View Post
Uau, I'm trying to use your git version of mplayer, but it doesn't have lavcac3enc audiofilter which I really need.
The lavcac3enc filter depends on internal FFmpeg implementation details that are not part of the FFmpeg API. This means that even backwards-compatible FFmpeg changes can break it at any moment. The git version doesn't compile such filters by default (the MPlayer svn repo does, and occasionally breaks as a result). You can still enable those filters by using the --ffmpeg-source-dir=PATH_TO_FFMPEG_SOURCE_DIR option. For example if you have the build repo in /home/james321/src/mplayer-build then you can add either




in the mplayer_options file, depending on whether you have enabled FFmpeg-mt support or not. This should create an MPlayer binary that supports lavcac3enc. Note that it's disabled by default for a reason; if you encounter other problems later then it's worth testing whether removing this option helps.
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