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Default Pixel flashs running video

I have an 8800GT board w/ dual 1920x1200 DVI displays running with CentOS 5.4 x86_64 on an Intel S5000XVN motherboard, dual E5450 3GHz Xeon quad core processors, and 8GB RAM. I have been running the x86_64 177.82 driver for over a year without problems. However, all drivers since that one exhibit big red pixel flashes, mostly when running full-motion video in any reasonable resolution. It has been better the past few updates, but it is still there and very annoying. Enough so that I reinstall the 177.82 driver because it doesn't exhibit that problem.

Anyway, how do I get this into the bug queue to be fixed? I'd really like to get a more up-to-date driver, but until this problem is fixed I can't do it. It really makes videos unviewable and I use the system a lot for video processing work.

FWIW, I keep my system software updated on at least a weekly basis. I am running the latest kernel and other drivers for this system. I even tried the latest nvidia driver available from rpmforge in their YUM repository, 186.18.14 - same problem. Tried installing the latest package from nVidia, 190.53 - same problem. This is really getting irritating.
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