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Default Re: So Many XP Users Still

Originally Posted by AdamK47 View Post
Why even use Windows XP? Isn't it just a prettier version of Windows 2000? Simple Philistines you are! Don't you know you're giving away your money to a giant maniacal corporation when you needlessly upgrade?

So on and so forth, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
I was still using Windows 2000 for the longest time. Eventually, when Battlefield 2 came out, it was mandatory to use XP to play it, so I upgraded to XP around that time. I just installed Windows 7 this weekend (at home that is). It's faster since I've installed it on an SSD, but I'd still rather use XP personally. I guess I'm old fashioned, don't really like change when I have something that works so well.
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