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Default Re: [vdpau] bad usage cpu/fpu/ram ???

You can probably get things working by:

rm -f /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

However, you should try and find out where those files came from, so that you can a) uninstall any conflicting packages b) make sure they don't come back, and/or c) file a bug against the package.

The most likely possibilities are: a) You previously installed 190.42 using NVIDIA's ".run" file, and didn't uninstall it using NVIDIA's installer before installing the 195 drivers using the package. In this case, just delete the 190.42 files and be done with it. b) You previously installed 190.42 using a package, but the upgrade to the 195 package didn't remove the (or all of the) 190.42 package. if so, you should report a bug to the maintainer(s) of both packages.
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