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Default Re: Mplayer, vpdau, and 3 displays with edge blending.

Originally Posted by hayj View Post
Would this rule out the initial display 0 that is not involved in the blending?
My understanding is that you intend to use that screen for maintenance, only,
so it is not necessary to be able to move windows from the maintenance
screen to the triple head setup, right? In this case, you could just use the
second card without enabling Xinerama (two separate X screens). Or maybe
even better: create a multi-seat setup with separate keyboard and mouse (ok,
this way, you can't move the mouse pointer from the maintenance X screen to
the triple head X screen, but my understanding that this is not necessary).

Originally Posted by hayj View Post
Thanks for your help. It will be interesting to see if this works.
I did some further experiments with the TH2G, but unfortunately, in dual
head mode, the Matrox bezel management software (PowerdeskSE)
crashes on execution in this case (there are no problems in triple
head mode). However, I'm running it from a Windows installation
inside virtualbox where the USB interface of the TH2G is routed to
the virtual machine. I guess I need a physical Windows installation
for further experiments - I have a laptop with XP on it around and will
re-try (and need to find an USB sniffer for Windows).

Anyway, depending on how urgent you need a solution, the
QPlex seems to be the only viable OOTB variant right now.


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