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Default Possible to skip Performance Level 0?

A little background before I describe what I'm trying to do. If you don't care, please skip to the next paragraph. I've unfortunately got a rather troublesome motherboard from ASUS, the M4A79 Deluxe, paired with a core 216 GTX 260. Everything works well except that the card's most aggressive power saving mode causes GPU crashes. I can confirm that this also happens with a GTX 280 on the same mobo. Based on other threads I've read, this same exact problem also occurs on Windows with ATI cards, so it's not a Linux nor NVidia specific issue. The GPU crash seems to only occur at random while under Performance Level 0 (which is 300 MHz / 100MHz). It does not occur under level 1 or higher, e.g. 400/300, nor under level 2, 680/1250. I can run heavy 3D apps for hours without so much as a hiccup.

Is there a way to continue to use use PowerMizer adaptively but use performance levels 1 and 2 only, bypassing level 0 entirely? I'd like to make this setting system wide rather than relying on local .nvidia-settings-rc if possible, since this is a stability workaround. One option is to set the PowerMizer mode statically in the xorg.conf to use maximum performance only, but this is obviously sub-optimal since it causes a lot of unnecessary heat, noise, and power consumption. Any NVidia mages out there have any suggestions for me? I've been fighting with this for months.
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