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Default Re: Nvidia GeForce GT 220 + Ubuntu 9.10 = No audio over HDMI?

Originally Posted by hfourxzeror View Post
Good afternoon everyone!

Recently, I purchased a Nvidia GeForce GT 220 for my HTPC (Dell Optiplex GX280).
I was looking forward to the HD and accelerated graphics with my Visio 52' LCD.

I formatted the hdd and installed a fresh version of Ubuntu 9.10. I installed all the updates for Linux. Then I went to the Nvidia website and downloaded the latest set of drivers (version 190.53). I installed the drivers and rebooted. Everything seemed great! The picture quality was amazing and the video was smooth.

But there was a problem, no audio! I'm getting no audio from HDMI.

I did some research around online to find a solution or a hack. But nothing worthwhile. I've searched this forum also with no luck. I did find lots of threads on "audio over hdmi", but nothing that helped me! Or the thread was several years old and outdated.

I then sent Nvidia a ticket asking if the GeForce GT 220 even worked with Linux and audio over HDMI. From there, they sent me the HD_AUDIO-9.10.tar.gz (see attached file).

I figured that I just needed to compile it and the audio would work! So, I did so.

After compiling it and stuff, I rebooted. Upon reboot there is still no audio....
I've checked alsamixer to see if it was muted, but I unmuted everything.

Help me out guys! If you need me to post any outputs from the terminal, I'd be MORE than happy to do so!

Thanks so much!
Please help me out!

You seem to have receive a complete new hdmi-audio driver from nvidia.
After looking at it, it may be possible that they forget some hardware ids.
struct hda_codec_preset snd_hda_preset_nvhdmi[] = {
	{ .id = 0x10de0002, .name = "NVIDIA MCP77/78 HDMI", .patch = patch_nvhdmi },
	{ .id = 0x10de0007, .name = "NVIDIA MCP79/7A HDMI", .patch = patch_nvhdmi },
	{ .id = 0x10de8001, .name = "NVIDIA MCP73 HDMI", .patch = patch_nvhdmi },
	{ .id = 0x10de000c, .name = "NVIDIA MCP89 HDMI", .patch = patch_nvhdmi },
	{ .id = 0x10de000d, .name = "NVIDIA GT240 HDMI", .patch = patch_nvhdmi },
	{} /* terminator */
Let me think that the GT210 and GT220 ids was forgotten.
You can confirm that by running
aplay -L
when the driver is loaded in your kernel. If you see something like "nvidia HDMI", it's OK otherwise it's KO. I think that ids for GT210/220 is 0x10de000a or 0x10de000b.
Some pci ids might be missing from hda_intel.c too in this tab:
static struct pci_device_id azx_ids[] = {
I will give a try to this new driver after work and if it's working (I got a GT240 card) I may be able to give you code modifications to make it work.
Reading can be usefull.
PS: Sorry for my bad english, it's not my mother language!
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