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Default Re: Star Trek Online Beta Impressions

I played in the closed beta for a few weeks and I have to say I wasn't impressed.

Ground combat is pretty lame. Starship combat is OK... it was the most fun part of the game for me.

Like all cryptic games it's heavily heavily instanced which I tend to really dislike.

The graphics are pretty good.

Never PVP'd so I can't comment but I hear it's arena/BG style so I'm not really excited about that.

Server performance was terrible... but it's a beta so I guess it's to be expected.

IMO it's been like every single mmo released in the last 5 years.... absolutely mediocre.

Until someone comes out and really changes the game I feel like every mmo will enjoy 2-3 months of success until it's player base leaves out of boredom or the next big thing.
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