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Default 9600GT and GT 220 simultaneously in Ubuntu 9.10?

I currently have a 9600GT in my primary machine but am considering purchasing a 27" iMac which can be used as a (Mini) DisplayPort monitor (I am taking a mobile application development course and need OSX for iPhone development). Of course, I would want to use this 27" display on my other computer as well. For this, I would need a DisplayPort graphics card, and the GT 220 is the only nVidia one I can find.

I do not want to replace my 9600GT (as I do not want to sacrifice the reasonable gaming performance when using my DVI monitor, not that I'm a huge gamer), so I would like to continue to drive my DVI monitor with the 9600GT and use a GT 220 to drive the DisplayPort monitor. Will this work in Ubuntu? If not, does anyone know of any DisplayPort cards with an nVidia GPU comparable to or better than the 9600GT (it needs to be nVidia, as ATI is a hassle in Linux)?
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