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Default Re: Need a USB BOOT RESCUE "DISK"

Originally Posted by XDanger View Post
The problem here is I was on the phone for about 2 hours just to get her to perfrom very simple tasks and she barely managed to download and extract Kasperksy Rescue CD (the intention was to transfer it to her phones SD card and boot from it),
I dont know if I can handle any more of it.


Something that would take me 30 seconds takes me 3 hrs to explain to her what to do,
She doesnt hold onto any information regarding computers.
OMG, I hate that.

For some reason because I play computer games, it makes me the "tech-guy" in the family.
Why go to Best Buy, when I have Albo :/
It doesn't work that way.

I want to start charging so bad, but they usually pay me with a cookie. All worth it IMO. Except when you talk on the phone. I had to do that today actually, through Skype, It took about 45 minutes for the person to share their screen with me.
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