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Default Re: Official Modern Warfare 2 Feedback (PC) Thread

Man the MP is awesome! Never played the first MW online, but the second one sure is a hoot!
Dedicated servers would definitely have made this game far more enjoyable as most games usually lag or then the host drops out and the game can't migrate everything. Constantly having to watch the intermission crap is a bit annoying, not to mention having to change servers due to lag.
Haven't run into any cheaters yet either so I'm guessing most people who complain either can't play or are just whiners.
Dedicated servers also would help people communicate with each other as apparently there are a tonne of uneducated kids out there that can't speak English. Language barriers ftl.

Steam is also constantly failing to sync my mw2 files for some odd reason and I get dropped from many servers due to this. Anyone else having the same issues?
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