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Default Re: a) hooray!; b) nvidia-settings

Originally Posted by rnejdl View Post
Glad to see someone else has it running good. I have a GT220 card and the Core i7 920 processor. I have tested with 4GB and 12GB running AMD64. I use KDE4. I have the fun kernel panic when I exit X windows. Are you using KDE or GNOME? Are you using a custom kernel? What motherboard are you using?

I'm just trying to figure out what I can since many people are reporting success while a few of us are reporting panic's.
I'm not (at the moment) running KDE or gnome. I tend to use my own ancient config of FVWM2 (heh). I'm running a standard kernel and the following KO's are loaded: snd_hda, snd_uaudio, sound, nvidia, linux, fuse.

My motherboard is the ASUS/ROG Rampage II Gene. I've got 4 SATA drives running in two RAID-1 arrays --- one array with windoze on it and one with FreeBSD.

I also have a laptop with 8700-SLI in it, but I haven't got around to testing the new stuff in it yet. It's also running ZFS, so maybe that will be an adventure.
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