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I am having the same (bad)luck as you. I am using SLES 8, and it gives the kernel mismatch message about it being compiled for 2.4.19 and I have kernel 2.4.19-SMP. Did you notice the readme tells you to use the .run file, but you can only download the tar files?

I tried using the 2.4.19 kernel and the driver installs, but then it won't load the GLX.

I spoke with our SuSE rep and he said SuSE can do nothing since NVIDIA hasn't released the source. He also said that the NVIDIA cards will work much better with their workstation AMD64 O/S coming out in a few weeks, but we will see that when it happens.

By the way...tell me which bridge you will throw it off, I'll wait at the bottom for it to land on my throbbing head.

Here is config:

Tyan 2885ANRF
Dual Opteron 246
Quadro FX500

Hopefully we won't have to deal with the bridge.

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