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Default Re: mencoder error using vdpau

Originally Posted by mobrien View Post
I just got a GT 220 a couple of days ago and discovered this *great* feature called VDPAU! So, I thought I would give it a spin at backing up a DVD I own to my media server and, actually, since my roommate has the same movie and it is a dual core processor, run a double encode simultaneously, one using VDPAU and the other using software decoders and see what the delta is in time!
As said, mencoder does not support VDPAU.
Note that mencoder is mostly unmaintained, so the application you would normally want to use is ffmpeg (which also does not support VDPAU yet and does not support decrypting DVD's). Additionally, is is unlikely that you could beat a fast dual-core processor at decoding MPEG-2 using VDPAU (at least not significantly).

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