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Cool Re: mencoder error using vdpau

Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
As said, mencoder does not support VDPAU.
Note that mencoder is mostly unmaintained, so the application you would normally want to use is ffmpeg (which also does not support VDPAU yet and does not support decrypting DVD's). Additionally, is is unlikely that you could beat a fast dual-core processor at decoding MPEG-2 using VDPAU (at least not significantly).
Well, I can't say that I'm not a little sad to hear this. I only have a 1.86 GHz Core2 Duo processor, and as I indicated with my test using MPlayer, there was a CPU savings. I mostly was interrested in actually finding out what the difference would be. I find the possibility of offloading video processing to the GPU to be fascinating and just want to learn about how it works and of the potential.

Also, you probably know better than me, but I thought MEncoder pretty much used the same "code" as MPlayer, only instead of directing the output to a video frame, it sends it to an encoder library to create a file. That said, how can it be that mencoder is unmaintained?

Anyway, I hope that some day (soon) mencoder will be able to grab the vdpau output. Not necessarily for a huge cost savings, but just "for fun" maybe.

Thanks, all, for the info. Very interesting topic!

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