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Unhappy Re: That worked for me

Yes I think that Ndivia should look into that,.. the 248 version certainly is a better network driver, than the 261 version.. That is with the Nforce1 stuff..

Areas that need improvements in the drivers,

1/ Fix the latest version of the driver for NForce1 Motherboards (Particularly the network driver)

2/ Improve the sound driver, the Alsa driver is better than the Nvidia driver.

3/ I found that the USB extemely poor, load up the USB say with a USB hard drive, the system will just about stop.

GEE I hope someone from Nvidia will take notice and fix their drivers.

Originally posted by mjf
Hey, Just want you to know that rolling back the network drivers did the trick for me! Thanks!

RH9 2.4.20-20
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