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In addition probably the best way to get the frequency rates would be to call the Toshiba Customer Service. Or if you want you can just fidget with the settings (what I did).

When you startx with the following switches:

% startx -- -logverbose 5

it will put a log file named XFree86.x.log into /var/log/

where x is equal to the X server number (if it's your own machine, it's usually 0)

Look for any warnings that indicate what DefaultModes are supported. You can then adjust your frequency to those values in order to use that specified res.

Also a big warning lies ahead:

There's an option known as IgnoreDisplayDevices which takes CRT, TV , and DFP as it's options. Unless you have read and understood what this does don't enable it. On my system it kills the display altogether and I have to switch to another terminal and reboot.

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