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Default Strange flickering shadows in Quake 4

I replayed Quake 4 over the past few days and noticed some odd shadows in a few different spots in the game - the top half of the screen has a shadow while the bottom half doesn't. It moves when I jump and flickers in and out when I turn left or right. I saw it once pretty early, again in the Waste Processing Facility, and maybe at one or two other locations. The screenshot is from the Waste Processing Facility. Has anyone else seen this? It's not a huge problem, but I'd like to fix it. Resetting my Quake4Config.cfg didn't make a difference. Q4 has several shadow-related cvars, maybe adjusting one could help me:

]listCvars *shadow*
g_showPlayerShadow               "0"
g_skipItemShadowsMP              "0"
g_skipPlayerShadowsMP            "0"
r_lod_shadows                    "0"
r_lod_shadows_percent            "0.06"
r_shadowMapDepthBias             ".6"
r_shadowMapSlopeScaleBias        "3.2"
r_shadowPolygonFactor            "0"
r_shadowPolygonOffset            "-1"
r_shadows                        "1"
r_showShadowCount                "0"
r_showShadows                    "0"
r_useExternalShadows             "1"
r_useOptimizedShadows            "1"
r_usePenumbraMapShadows          "0"
r_useShadowCulling               "1"
r_useShadowProjectedCull         "1"
r_useShadowSurfaceScissor        "1"
r_useShadowVertexProgram         "1"
r_useTurboShadow                 "1"
I'm using Quake 4 v1.4.2 and the 190.53 drivers. I also see it with 185.18.36 and 190.42.
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