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Default Re: Star Trek Online Beta Impressions

Originally Posted by arioch21 View Post
well u just have to ask if your going to play for over a year and a half, because its going to cost you 240ish to play for about 18 months, without discounts.
I plan to play it from start to finish, but off and on. I do not have the interest level or dedication to play it consistently for years.

I guess the question I have to ask myself is if I will play it 14 months or so total over time, breaks not included. The answer to that depends on how long the game will last... even bad MMOs seem to last a while though, look at Conan, still going. The ones that shut down quickly are ones NOBODY cares about or plays and I think the Trek IP will keep this from being one of those.

It's a gamble though, for sure.
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