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Default Re: What's the ideal way to get HD video from my DirecTV box to my PC?

At the end of March/April, both silicondust (makers of the wildly popular HDHomeRun) and ceton (new player in the game) are going to release cablecard tuners which can tune multiple streams.

Silicon dust will release a 2 stream networked version and Ceton will release a 2 stream and a 4 stream internal (pcie) version. Both require an m-cablecard from your provider. Your provider is required to provide this to you for a fee..which is usually less than the fee for the cablebox you already have.

Using Windows 7 only, you can play and record all the channels you subscribe to, even HBO and such. You cannot use pay per view or on demand with it, though. Anything not marked will not have DRM put on it, so anything not marked for DRM will be able to be played on any PC.

Pretty exciting stuff.
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