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Default Re: Torchlight - A review from a Diablo 2 fan

To be honest, I started working on a graphics engine and stopped. I realized how many neat things I could build and I decided to study Math. I have many engineering books, and when I finally save enough to go to school, I will work on my engine/mmo platform again. I have to say it was a blast, but I hit a wall where the shader code and some of the fourier transform stuff got too much over my head. I've since learned more but anyway.

The reality is, as gamers we could build our own game, and we could build one just how we like it. We are getting closer and closer to being able to build the feelings we've always wanted to see come to life - and actually acomplish it.

My prototype was simple, a 3D model walked around on a terrain and could open doors, I had multilevel collision detection working, there was actually a dynamic house system I built.

Anyway, the reason I mention all this is, well, if I don't like Torchlight, I'm free to make my own game, which I admit isn't easy, hence why I have so many Calculus books, engineering etc... books on Fluid Dynamics, Linear Algebra, Vector Algebra, Quaternions.. etc.

So let me tell you - the beautiful thing I can create, are just really awesome. Some of the experiments with fluid like geometry that I made using vertex shaders with simple sine and cosine transformations...

Instead of getting mad, sometimes we play so many games that we just need to let it out creativly, my recommendation to the OP is to build your own games and see the things you want to build in your head in your own game. It might seem impossible and it might take years, but the knowledge I'm personally building makes me realize just how complicated it all can be.

I played Diablo.. and I loved, FYI I love horror based hack'n slash, but multiplayer is what drives me to play games.
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