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Cool Re: NVIDIA GF100 Previews

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post

So... if it is only minutely faster than an HD5870, runs twice as hot consuming twice as much power, while costing while costing about 33% more (rougly $100 more)- you'd still want one?

I know you exaggerating , but ill humor you.
Even if its twice as hot as long as its working as intended it doesn't matter if its 100c or 0c im not holding it on my lap what happens inside the case is not relevant if its stable and working.
Same for power 100w or 200w if i was concerned for power usage i wouldn't use 295 and didn't OC my power hungry i7
Being faster then HD5870 is a given if it does cost 100$ more id still get it, i can surely afford it.
I know some people just look for best bang for the buck or performance per watt or something but im looking for specific things and ATI doesn't deliver. I want fastest single GPU solution and i want PhysX, i dont like ATI software and AMD camp doesn't offer anything else that interest me.
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