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Default Re: NVIDIA GF100 Previews

Originally Posted by nrdstrm View Post
Says the guy with an ATI card

Seriously though, I hope this turns out great. Jen-Hsun seemed pretty adamant about performance at CES. Sure it could have been spin, but when I asked him point blank about performance he claimed "No game out there can push this card"...I don't remember exactly how the conversation went, but I went on to ask him "even at high res (30" res)"? He said something like "yeah, no problem". He seemed very confident, and he knew I used to work for EVGA so I don't think he would dumb things down for me...

Of course, Nvidia seemed confident on the NV30, but I

All the latest high end cards from the past 2 generations pawn current games easily,even more so when going multi GPU,so thee main question is....How much does it pawn,and does it pawn over what the competition has?

To be honest,it's kinda of a stupid idea these days that metric is still used,because we're not comparing chips with 20~30 million transistors anymore,and which is the better gaming card,since there were games on the market at the time when those cards were released,that could really put the pain on them,at graphics settings much lower than what review sites have to use these days for high end card releases,since hardware is advancing much faster than the software itself.

We're now with GPU's with 2 to 3 billion transistors,and vastly able to exceed what games need anywhere near the forseable future,and can even be used for other purposes too(GP-GPU),so we're having these pissing matches between cards just for the sake of having pissing matches really,not because it makes a difference in actual gaming experience terms,as they'll both play games at insane settings and support DX11.
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