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Default Re: 5870/5970 vs. GF100 (Fermi)

Originally Posted by Johnny C View Post

Let's hope that weird AGP guy doesn't find this thread....and start telling us how a Fermi AGP card would Dominate all of us....

It is pretty impressive even if i'll still hear it's a dual GPU argument versus single argument,but if the other games behave the same way,it looks like Fermi will slot somewhere between the HD5870 and the HD5970 cards,performance wise,which i'm sure there will be variation from game to game.

So the questions are,will ATI release a refresh version of the HD5870 to try and piss on Nvidia's parade by the time Fermi actually ships in volume?

Will Nvidia release a dual GPU version of Fermi to take on the HD5970 cards at the same time as the single GPU version is released,or is that a later product?
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