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Default Re: NVIDIA GF100 Previews

Originally Posted by LydianKnight View Post
Nothing to be really surprised here... engineering/scientifical appliances ALWAYS costs more even if the components are the same, and why? well... because it's for that sector, completely unrealistic but that's how the market works.

It's the same as trying to get hardware assisted cryptography... the ideal is to use a cryptographic accelerator but those boards usually go higher than 4K for a single board, whereas for those 390 bucks you have relatively comparable performance :P
This way of thinking is why alot of things are broken in this county liek paying 10 bucks for a pen vs 50 cents for the same one.

This is pork spending adding a price tag on something that shouldn't even be that high.

Im sorry but a fireGL costing 1000 bucks based on same hardware that costs 200, im sorry but peopel need to stop this crap right now or else i will step in and snap someones frickin neck.
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