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Default Re: 5870/5970 vs. GF100 (Fermi)

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
GJ chosing the one spot and a game that doesnt matter, because it can be run at full settings on a 3 year old card anyway. You book must be drawn by 3 year olds with crayons I guess...

In most of the others its winning by ~25%, this is on beta drivers they had back then, mind you.
I've got both and I've tested them side by side in many games. My findings basically mimic G3D's apart from Hawx where as much as the 5970 was faster, it was by a smaller margin.

If you look at the G3D review the 5970 is maximum ~10-15% faster when it is faster.

The fact is that 285 SLI keeps up (and in some cases beats the 5970) and is essentially 18 month old technology, just get over it.

2 x 5870 are a more definitive win for ATI but also more expensive.
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