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Default Re: 5870/5970 vs. GF100 (Fermi)

Originally Posted by kam03 View Post
LOL who in their right mind would buy 2x GTX285 and be limited with DX10? when they can buy a future proof DX11 graphics card with performance >= 2x GTX285 and cheaper then 2x GTX285?

2x Nvidia GTX285 costs 560 (280 each)
1x ATi 5970 costs 530

I never said you should buy them, I simply said that they are roughly the same speed.

At this time you are obviously better off buying a 5970/5870CF or holding out for Fermi.

I wouldn't purchase 28x GPUs at this point unless I already had 1 and I was adding SLI or whatever.

Of course "limited" by DX10 is a rather redundant statement as there is little in the way of anything significant in terms of DX11 right now or in the immediate future.

Yah, Yah I know, AvP, BF etc but will we actually be able to see the difference a la DIRT 2?
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