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Unhappy 2day old-Noobie. Problems with X, 5600, RH9

Hi, I am a noob to RedHat9 infact i just decided to learn linux (i got RH9 a while ago) - and the entire linux porportion. Although - i have reinstalled redhat many, many times (cursed much more) so i memorized upto installing Nvidia drivers - my steps:

1. Boot: linux text
2. disk druid - 1000mB swap, 100 /boot, 2500 /
3. GRUB bootloader
4. unchecked all "X" substances, and skiped the X configuration

5. made floppy, rebooted, logged on to root
6. ]# mount /mnt/cdrom
7. ]# cd /mnt/cdrom
8. ]# ls
9. ]# sh *.run
10. ]# cd /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0
11. ]# vi README

at this point i have read the read me, although i must say i dont understand anything it says. Although - I do understand i need to edit the XF36 file, but granted i dont know how to edit it.

Steps to get me up and going would be nice i dont know any commands and the person that i know that has been using rh for over 2 years is usually busy. I need help, hmm specially anything that can get me into the GUI would be very helpful

--I must say - linux isn't for the light hearted...
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