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Default Re: 5870/5970 vs. GF100 (Fermi)

Originally Posted by Slytat View Post
How is it "stupid to do so" (compare the two) if we "don't need it" (DX11)? You've totally contradicted yourself.

The fact is that 285 SLI offers comparable performance (vs 5970). If DX11 doesn't count (which it doesn't really at the moment as you quite rightly pointed out), then it's a completely legitimate comparison.

I would still buy a 5970 over 285 SLI at present, but that doesn't change the performance.

Yet another person trying to justify their expenditure while making absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Enthusiasts want the fastest cards, why would we stop at ATI if Nvidia turns out to be faster or vice versa? I'll take the cards AND the SSD, USB, SATA, Gulftown etc, not either or.

I need a much Faster CPU to unlock even more speed out of the HD5970's i have to begin with,yet such CPU doesn't exist yet,and the same goes for Fermi,so even with the eventual reviews happening where both ATI latest and Nvidia's latest are tested,that's something to keep in mind,and the fact that most software is a joke to run on such powerfull hardware is also another consideration.

Given how Nvidia implemented triple display support,regardless if you use 3D glasses or not,and that it'll require 2 cards,since each card only has 2 outputs,triple display comparisons,which would increase the workload on the GPU's by quite a bit,even with the current games,and reduce CPU limitation concerns,can be run with a single HD5870/HD5970 card,but can't be run with a single Fermi card

It's also possible to run 3 displays with a single HD5970 card of course,and also can't be done with a single GPU Fermi card,so will reviewers will be forced to use a single display when running benchmarks?,and ignore something that single ATI cards can do,while single Fermi cards can't do at all?....The reviews should be quite interesting to say the least.

And before i hear "Triple displays are a small minority of users" argument,we are talking enthusiast level cards here,and 3 LCD displays can actually cost less than 1 of these high end cards do,especially if we're talking about triple 22" LCD's,or maybe even triple 24" LCD's if you shop carefully.
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