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Default it gets easier

I got the nforce2 audio working for cd's by compiling a new kernel, linux-2.6.0-test6, with the alsa audio options including "emulate oss"

gnome-alsamixer and grip work with cd's

grip works with esd

I'm choosing esd-compatbile packages that have esd in the package name or mention esd.

realplayer8 with 9(One) codecs has a checkbox for esd-compatibility in the options

so far I'm not hearing anything in realplayer

Some apps including realplayer look for /dev/dsp so to get that to show up I installed alsautils. That sucked in alsa-modules and alsa-base since debconfig can't tell I have alsa in the kernel, so I just said no to questions about running alsa modules at startup, and ended up with two things I wanted. One, I got the /dev/dsp, and two, I got alsactl, an app that automatically(as debian installs it in /etc/init.d/alsa startup script) stores
my mixer settings on shutdown.

Since I use devfs, if you don't know you don't need to know, I had to make the following entries in /etc/devfs/compat_symlinks--


I still don't have sound in realplayer, which says "can't find host unix"

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