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Default Re: 2day old-Noobie. Problems with X, 5600, RH9

4. unchecked all "X" substances, and skiped the X configuration
If I understand what you're saying there, that you in fact did NOT install XFree86 and all its helper packages, then you need to try again and install everything XFree86 related you can find (at least until you learn what they are, install them if unsure).

Allow the system to attempt its own X configuration, and to boot into a useable X mode. THEN after it works, you can worry about using the nvidia module for accelerated graphics.

I assume you know how to use vi to edit the /etc/X11/XF86Config file, if not find a tutorial with google that you can easily understand.

In short, once your system works with normal RedHat 9 installed XFree86 and configuration, you're going to do this sequence of things:

telinit 3
-- (or instead just boot to text mode, which is configured in /etc/inittab)
cd <path-where-installer-run-file-is>
-- (follow directions during install)
vi /etc/X11/XF86Config
-- (change nv to nvidia at the line:

driver "nv"
driver "nvidia"

reboot, and pray.
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