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Default Re: New Game from Titan Quest Developers

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
The funding issues came from the game not selling well at all. I am going to wait, it will probably be a fun game but I am hoping that they offer randomized levels to help with replayability.
That's partially true... My understanding is that THQ hammered out a pretty aggressive distribution deal with Ironlore that basically guaranteed them no income until they met a specific target of sales. TQ has sold relatively well, and continues to sell and be played by a lot of people... had Digital Download Indie works been bigger when TQ was released, I'd say that Ironlore would never have gone out of business. If Torchlight can sell as well as it has, Titan Quest could have sold as much or more having a more hashed out story, more varied environments, and multiplayer.

The fact that Grim Dawn is coming out as a digital download indie game, they should do much better even if they sell fewer copies than they did of the original TQ. The one thing that's always impressed me about Ironlore is that they were frequently hanging around the forums, providing assistance, and creating patches based on feedback (they were even hoping to create an additional patch for TQ even though THQ refused to pay them for the work - eventually Ironlore went out of business and put the nail in that one).

Either way, I'm looking forward to this and I hope their 'fan funding' experiment works out.
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