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Default Re: Star Trek Online Beta Impressions

Originally Posted by Bah! View Post
What exactly do you guys find fun about this game?

The ground combat is some of the worst i've ever seen in an MMO. It's mind-numbingly boring and slow paced. The space combat isn't any better, and the movement and control of the ships is awful.

Seems to me the only reason to like this game would be if you have a hard-on for Star Trek, which even as a fan isn't enough for me. I've been dying for a decent Sci-Fi MMO to come out, but this isn't it.
Boring isn't really something I can debate... you find it boring, I don't. I will call into question your complaint on the ship movement though, as I find it perfect. What is your issue with it?

And yes, I am sure my Trek fandom has a large impact on my love for the game. I said that straight off.
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