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Default Re: 5870/5970 vs. GF100 (Fermi)

GTX 285 SLI isn't as fast as 5970. One review (Guru3D) doesn't make a trend. If any of you can pull other reviews that show this, I'd like to see them.

FiringSquad, for example, clearly shows in their review that a 5970 is often twice as fast (in some cases THREE times as fast) as a single GTX285. Even if SLI scaled 100% on GTX285 it would often get beat.

On Stalker: Call of Pripyat, a single 5970 gets 94.6 vs 37.6 for a single 285 at 1920x:

That's well over twice the performance of a single 285, (~2.5x) so tell me how SLI will beat a 5970?

When you increase resolution, it gets even worse. 66fps for 5970 vs. 22 for 285, 3x the performance.

And now, Crysis. At 1920x, 5970, again, is more than twice as fast as 285, and I can tell you from experience that neither SLI nor Crossfire scale anything close to 100%. More like 50%.

Again, at a higher resolution the gap only widens. 29fps for 5970 vs 13fps for 285:

But that's just one site, so let's look at another.

Anandtech, testing Far Cry 2, got 75fps for the 5970 vs. 62 for 285 SLI:

Everyone is also overlooking that 5970 is purposely undervolted and underclocked from the factory just so that it slips in under the power spec. Do a search and you will see that it's fact. 5970 uses higher binned chips than 5870 does which means they will clock just as well if not better as long as your cooling is sufficient.

Originally Posted by PC Perspective
Essentially AMD took the board they had designed for the high-end dual-GPU offering and lowered the clocks to meet the <300 watts requirement needed by many OEMs and consumer power supplies. But with the binned GPUs, higher speed memory and improved cooling solution AMD has provided a design with a LOT of overclocking headroom! Even just looking at one spec, the memory modules, shows the picture: though the memory is running at 1.0 GHz it is rated at 1.2 GHz.

...The cooler that AMD has included on the Radeon HD 5970 is actually a vapor chamber design that is rated at 400 watts providing a 33% gap between the rated TDP at stock clocks and where you can safely push your card. The Overvolt utility does exactly what you think it does – it increases the voltages going to the GPU and to the memory on the HD 5970. The software is incredibly basic – a slider bar with only two positions – and is essentially an on/off switch.

All you have to do to leave GTX285 SLI in the dust even further is to click a single button in the Catalyst to set the 5970 to its recommended voltage and clocks.

Some of you have green-tinted glasses.

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