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Default Re: Star Trek Online Beta Impressions

Originally Posted by Johnny C View Post
They were only handing out so many....hopefully they're not out of keys. I sent in a request and it took 24hrs to process, maybe you'll get one tomorrow.

Pretty good game overall, needs a little more work on some issues. Multiplayer is important during space combat, not so much on the ground.

Unfortunately it's standard MMORPG gameplay....Patrol this, escort that, engage Klingons there. It is extremely true to startrek as a franchise though. I'd really like to see some improvement in the "Sector Screen" where you "Warp" to other's pretty lame and seems no faster than impulse power in the instanced battle encounters. There are some aspects of Evenline that would have been excellent to add to the space combat. Like the right click..orbit @ command and the auto-fire. The game keeps you busy by lacking these features...but it's not as entertaining and keeps you from focusing your attention on your ship status and your enemies, because you're constantly clicking "fire phasers" or "launch torpedoes" whilst trying to steer a Starship...that handles like Tractor trailer with only 1 steering tire(and rightfully so).
You can set 2 weapons to auto fire by right clicking them but thats about it. But helps a good deal.
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