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Default Re: Where are the GeForce GT 240 Linux drivers?

Originally Posted by wvdgaast View Post
Wow, so apparently this was still an unknown bug with them? Kudos to you for reporting it then. Is their bug tracker open BTW?
No - I got the number from their response mail.

I see you have a drop-down box to select PowerMizer modes in your screenshot. I don't have those on my machine, but I'm still stuck with the 190.42 driver; is it a brand new thing?
No, I don't have such a drop-down box - I wish I did! (we'd all be happy then, since this would solve all the problems reported in this and about a dozen other powermizer-related theads).
The only drop-down existing allows me to select "Adaptive" or "Prefer maximum performance", and with either option I still get the lousy performance of 324MHz (instead of 1.7GHz).

By the way, Phoronix just reviewed a GT240 and published similar speed problems -but Michael apparently didn't notice the powermizer problem that causes this...
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