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Default Re: NVIDIA GF100 Previews

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Very stylish photos Xion
The 5970 is a killer card. Hopefully the next driver will improve the situation for me... Otherwise I'm thinking about going back to a single GTX 280 until Fermi hits. Performance isn't everything.
Thanks. Sorry that you're still having trouble. Are the problems you're experiencing when you're on an HDTV or a DVI/VGA monitor?

I've had very few issues w/ ATI drivers when I'm on a DVI or VGA monitor. For some reason, ATI has had trouble with HDTV displays--probably due to the lesser demand of compatibility with them as the majority do not use them with their PCs.

Then again, I don't run all the different media center software packages that you're trying to run, and I've never tried running both ATI and Nvidia cards in my machine.

Good luck in getting everything sorted out. Fermi likely won't best 5970 in performance, but it'll be a great card and may offer you the compatibility that you're looking for outside of gaming. Gaming is just about all I do, that and video editing and some photoshop work. Haven't had trouble in the past with any of these on ATI.

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