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Based on my experiences:

The original Logitech cordless ball mouse 3 button scroller (the Egg): This was the only cordless mouse that I've ever been able to play UT with. At the time I had never used an optical mouse, so the only prior mice were corded ball-mice. This one was a wee bit slower on response than the corded models when I was using it, but not enough to bother me. One other issue, one that seems to plague Logitech mice in general, is that Logitech's drivers seem to have issues with allowing the scrollwheel to work properly in games. Worse, though the problem can be overcome, the solution varies from system to system, and at times, from one OS install to the next. One install might find the mouse wheel working perfectly, while the next requires changing some settings concerning MS Office Scrolling.., and the next actually requires a registry entry / killing EM_EXEC.EXE. This one has never gone away, with any Logitech driver that I've ever used. (4 years since I first saw it to the latest driver rev.)

MS Intellimouse Explorer Optical (corded): I bought this mouse as a replacement for the logitech cordless (above), when I started to get irritated at having to clean the mouse more and more frequently (once it gets unresponsive the first time, each successive cleaning seemed to be needed sooner and sooner..). The Explorer itself seemed fine, though extremely rapid movements caused the mouse to think it had only moved less than 1/2", and using it on solid / reflective surfaces or surfaces with repetitive patterns seemed to confuse it. The results of the these two observations along with the fixes that I've since been using (totally eliminating the issues) were that rapid 360's in UT were almost impossible, until I increased my mouse sensitivity in the game, but after that change the mouse no longer lost tracking, and 2)with the mentioned surfaces in use, I often found myself suddenly staring at the floor and/or doing a ballet pirhouette in the game as the mouse got 'confused', but changing the surface to a cloth pad with a nice MaxPayne image on it fixed that one for good. The biggest issue I had with this mouse, and the reason I returned it for exchange, was that it just was a bit too big, and definitely uncomfortable.

MS Intellimouse Optical: I exchanged the Explorer for this mouse, and even got a refund of a few $$. Interestingly enough, both are 5-button scrollers. It's just that the layout of buttons is a bit different (the non-Explorer model is more ambidextrous) and the Optical is a bit smaller. It was perfect for my needs, once I decided that I could live with only 4 buttons for in my games. Why only 4, since it had 5? Well, since the buttons are arranged in such a way as to make it equally useful to lefties as to righties, I found that the 5th button was usually hit by accident as I was doing some mad right-clicking in the game (UT Alt-Fire), and with ANYTHING bound to it, I normally didn't like the consequences. No biggie, though a 5th binding for stuff would've been nice. (To be fair, I had similar issues with the Explorer's 5th button, the larger of the two in the thumb area, mainly because I nearly always ended up clicking BOTH of those buttons any time I tried to click one of them.) I've owned 4 different Intellimouse Opticals so far, and all have been great. (BTW, the same issues listed for the Explorer, above, apply to all opticals I've tried so far. There's one exception coming up though..)

Logitech Cordless Optical: The main reason I originally bought the cordless logitech (above) was that I was getting tired of having a mouse cable wrap itself around the nearest available object and restrict my movement in games. Unfortunately, at the time I bought the Explorer (also above), there were no cordless mice that were also optical, and at the point I bought the Explorer, I judged the dirty ball issues (aka "I can't move." BLAM. You were killed by.. syndrome) to be a bigger nuisance than the sometimes tanglesome cord. With the announcement of the Logitech Cordless Optical, I watched stores carefully (FINALLY! A cordless AND an optical!!). Too bad the first thing I discovered once I got it home was that cordless and optical just don't mix at all. Why? The nifty power-saving modes that allow the mouse to have decent lifespans with a set of batteries also cause it to power down the LED almost the very instant you stop moving it, and then back up when you move again. The process IS NOT instantaneous though, and results in noticable unresponsive pauses during gaming. Worse, something about the combination of technologies more than doubles the mouse lag issue over the original logitech cordless. Interestingly enough, the both mice seem to lag worse with later Logitech drivers (making even the original cordless inadequate for gaming now, imo). Too bad, because the mouse was the most comfortable I've ever had. Still, it got returned within a few hours of my first use. For a while, I went back to my MS Intellimouse Optical.

Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical: Other than the problem with scrollwheels / games, the best mouse I've used yet. Has the ergonomics of the Logitech Cordless Optical, higher dpi sensor(s), 2 of those sensors and LEDs!! (w00t, no more rapid movements screwing up the mouse), and 4 buttons that all actually are placed in good locations so that I don't accidently smack em when playing. Life is good. Seriously, this mouse is currently my favorite, and I'd actually call it perfect if Logitech could ever get a clue and just make the drivers work (specifically meaning the scrollwheel stuff here- everything else DOES work). They should reverse engineer some MS Intellimouse software and figure out how to write the drivers properly. Because I get 3 buttons and a scrollwheel just using MS's generic drivers with this mouse. All I really need beyond that is access to the 4th button in the drivers, and if MS ever does Windows drivers with support for that, I'll ditch Logitech's altogether.

In any case, optical mice, so long as thet're not cordless, actually are more responsive than the ball-mice I've used, and have the added benefit of not getting dirty and causing loss of movement control in the middle of the big match. Accuracy is overall better than the ball-mice too. (I haven't used a Boomslang, though, and it could be even better, based on reports I've seen. But the shape would kill my hands..)
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