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Originally posted by SavagePaladin
been there done that, wasn't that slow (with a hacked engine in the demo)

As to the DS thing, I think 1.11 has all international versions.
speaking of, NOLF 2 wins my vote. I love good SP, and NOLF was my favorite.
I meant in the full game. You are likely to get it, SavagePaladin. Once you do, set every option available to highest and every optional eye candy to on. You'll get a big laugh, trust me And besides, it's on store shelves (at least some) today, so go check this Epic joke out As for your performance numbers, SavagePaladin, the demo half has half the resolution. The full game will have twice the image quality. Now THAT is what I'm really worried about.

Bye the way, is the UT2003 engine better and more optimized that what was shown to us in the demo? What I mean is, will it run faster with more detailed textures and more optional geometry?
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