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Default Re: 5870/5970 vs. GF100 (Fermi)

Originally Posted by Slytat View Post
Serious case of Pot, Kettle, black there.

I don't want to rekindle this argument again but in my case at least, I wasn't arguing that 285's (SLI) were faster, merely that they aren't that far behind.

As you seem so intent on reminding us about the 5970's voltage and clocks, I'm sure you'll concede that 285 SLI is Nvidia's LAST generation and is almost 2 years old. It's fairly impressive that it keeps up with ATI's brand new flagship card.

Another thing, if you are going to do comparisons, at least use charts that have 285 SLI results in them and stop using theoreticals.

I know, you don't like G3D. The thing is that A : He does actually test 285 SLI and B: His test results are very similar to mine so I'm going to go with G3D and my own hands on experience. As you can clearly see in that test, the 5970 is faster, but not by much.

HAWX is the only game where I saw the 5970 over 15% faster in my own testing and I suspect that is driver related.

In conclusion, it is faster but for a new card, a ~10% performance increase is nothing to write home about and does not "leave GTX285 SLI in the dust even further".

I think it is you who has the red tinted glasses on

PS : You can overclock 285s as well, the fact of the matter is, the 5970 will be faster, just not by much.
It doesn't change the fact that the direct competition for a single 285 is a 5850....not the 5870 at all, not only that....the 5850 beats the 285 in just about every game out there...while costing less money.....and using less power. Big one here "costs less money" than nV's last generation, that they EOL'd instead of dropping prices to compete(because there just wasn't enough margin to drop pricing any further.) Hell the 4890 trades blows with the 285 and I've seen them for $200 bucks.

You wanna talk about about 5850 X-fire as competition, will cost less, and use less power while returning better framerates. It will also support Eyefinity at extreme resolutions and DX11. I know you'll argue that the 5970 is essentially a 5850/5870 crossfire setup on a single card, which it is, and it's even less expensive than a 285 Sli setup making it an even better value.

If you're talking about people who already, at this point, own 285's...yeah they are still fast. I mean hell even an 8800GTX is gonna throw up decent numbers in most games with good quality setting, just not on the extremes.

If someone currently has a 285 SLi setup...then I see no need to upgrade to anything either nV or ATi at this point...and I wouldn't recommend it until such time as DX11 is more in the mainstream swing of things.

I jumped on the bandwagon upgrading from a 4870 to a 5850 and was money well wasted. If I hadn't had a sale for my entire other system, I'd have been pretty damn disappointed because my 18 month old 4870 1gb played every game that I have.....on high settings with decent frames. Hell I even played thru Crysis DX10 with 2xAA....
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