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Default Re: 5870/5970 vs. GF100 (Fermi)

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
How does stating the facts give me red-tinted glasses? You and Sowk said that 285 SLI was comparable to a 5970; I simply showed that it isn't. In some cases, a 5970 is 3x as fast as a 285. In most, it's at least twice as fast, and you will hardly ever see SLI on the 285 scale to 100%.

Simple deductive logic. Has nothing to do with being biased toward one company or the other.

You don't want to "rekindle" anything, yet you repeatedly ignore facts that are right in front of you. In most cases, a 5970 is at least twice as strong as a GTX285, and in some cases it is three times as strong. Given that SLI will almost never scale better than 80% in most titles, how does that equate to "aren't that far behind?"

And here we go again. Are you really serious? "It keeps up?" Where, exactly? In one benchmark test? (Guru3D)?

Where are the rest of the tests that show this? Again, one case doesn't make a trend, especially when that review appears to be the outlier among other reviews that can be accessed across the web.

I've not seen another review yet that repeats Guru3Ds findings. If you can find one, then I would really like to see it. Honestly. But until I do, I will keep firm with my stance.

No, because it's not necessary. You'd like me to, because then you could use your one little benchmark over at Guru3D to prove your point since there are hardly any 285 SLI benches out there that do a direct comparison to 5970. But it makes no sense to deduce that you can't accurately gauge how an SLI setup would run by simply doubling the performance of a 285 (SLI = 2x,) or is that math too complicated for you?

Yes, because guys with red-tinted glasses often spend 1200$ on Nvidia cards and 300$ on waterblocks to fit Nvidia cards to build watercooled SLI systems:

And they often praise the architecture of their upcoming competitor:

And they often rip on their own drivers while praising their competition's drivers:

Yes, I'm clearly biased.

It's not overclocking. Read the PCPer article again:

They're not "overclocking" the card; they're setting it at its factory-rated speeds. The card is downclocked on both the memory and the GPU to slide in under power specs. This was not the case with GTX285; it was already running at its factory rated speeds.

You can pick and choose the "facts" that support your argument but your opinions really don't matter to me and I couldn't care less whether you've said "nice things" about Nvidia.

What does that have to do with anything?

As I've repeatedly told you, I've done my own testing and it's in line with G3Ds. The 5970 just isn't that much faster (but it is slightly faster). 10-15% faster against 18 month old technology might get you excited but it doesn't do much for me.

As I said the last time, we'll just have to agree to disagree.


PS : Maybe you should write to Hilbert (the owner of G3D) and tell him he doesn't know how to do benchmarks properly
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